Republican Family Values

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Forgive me if you heard about this.

So, back in 2004, a teenage girl (with cerebral palsy) downloaded some music and games illegally from the Internet.  Her father, Judge William Adams (elected judge for Aransas County, on the GOP ticket) punished her.

Little did he know, she filmed it.  And now that he is up for re-election, she is distributing it.

This is disturbing. As he savagely beats his daughter, he screams about “beating her into submission” and the mother tells her to “take it like a woman.”


The statute of limitations has passed on this act, so he cannot be charged with child abuse.

Judge Adams, for his part, has been silent since the video was released last week and went viral.  Up until yesterday, the only thing he said was "it isn't as bad as it looks".

How it looks?  Interesting comment, given that the judge turned off the lights at the beginning of the video so that the neighbors couldn't see inside the house while he pummelled his daughter for 8 solid minutes.   

Hillary Adams, the girl in this video (now 23), claims that both she and her mom suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of Judge Adams for years.  Hillary's mom actually takes part in the beating, but Hillary does not blame her — she believes her Mom was psychologically forced to go along with her husband's mistreatment (her parents are now apart).

Today, Judge Adams, through his lawyer, has an explanation of why we are seeing this video now, and guess what?  He's the victim here, don't you understand?  And she's just a greedy bitch.

Just before the YouTube upload, Judge Adams told his daughter he was unwilling to continue supporting her financially because the young piano prodigy wasn’t living up to her potential, instead dropping out of school and working part time at a video game store, Dudley said.

“Hillary warned her father if he reduced her financial support and took away her Mercedes automobile, which her father had provided, he would live to regret it,” Dudley said. “The post was then uploaded.”

In other words, according to the judge, Hillary Adams uploaded the video… in retaliation.

Okay.  So???