GOP Candidate Clown Show Act Of The Day

Ken AshfordElection 2012Leave a Comment

Michelle-bachman1Man, watching the GOP race for President is like watching trains crash in your backyard every day.  It's just bizarre how laughingly unqualified these candidates are.  

I mean, Newt and Mitt are certainly serious candidates.  They have their problems (flip-flopping, being Washingtons insiders who take lobbyist money, etc), but nobody can question that they are "ready for prime time".  The rest of the bunch — they're like SNL charactors.

The latest comes from the woman in the comedy troupe, our favorite, Michelle Bachmann.

Michele Bachmann prides herself for pressing Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but during an appearance at Webster City, Iowa Wednesday night, the Minnesota congresswoman proved that she’s also leading the charge in developing outrageous new attacks against the legislation.

At the town hall, Bachmann complained that undocumented immigrants are exempt from paying for the law, claimed that a seven-foot doctor told her the IRS had to approve medical procedures, and reiterated her long-standing view that doctors and hospitals would provide free care to the uninsured if they were shielded from malpractice claims.

This is like when Bachmann got on national TV and told America that the HPV virus was harmful because she met a woman at a rally who told her so.

Is this what the GOP wants in a President?  Someone who gets their information and crafts policy based on what random people (including 7 foot doctors) tell her?

The seven-foot doctor’s claims are dubious, since the IRS does not begin enforcing the individual requirement to purchase health insurance until 2014 — and even then, the penalty is processed through personal income tax returns and would not require a medical provider to call the agency.  So naturally, Bachmann's claims are dubious.

I wonder if the seven-foot doctor had ears, hopped around, and was named "Harvey".

UPDATE:  Oh this is funny.  Aside from falsely saying that the HPV virus causes mental retardation, and that the Battle of Lexington and Concord took place in New Hampshire, and a dozen other things, Bachmann has the balls to say she's never made a gaffe:


That in itself is a gaffe.