The Funniest Walking Dead Season Two Premiere Tweets

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The women on The Walking Dead need to stop whining & crying all the time. Also, the cast needs to stop tripping & dropping things.

Luke Wormfood

For the record, an undead walking cadaver can get through airport security like any other shuffling, glaze-eyed passenger.
Shane Nickerson

The RV in Walking Dead is the greatest hunk of junk character in a TV show or movie since the Millennium Falcon.

Lamont Price

How many eps before the black dude gets killed? I say 3. He can't keep showing up with no lines except shit like "I got it!" #WalkingDead

If you switch back and forth fast enough between X-Factor and Walking Dead, you can forget which show has the zombies on it.
LaMott Jackson

They need to create a zombie that eats zombies. Problem solved. #WalkingDead
We're watching The Walking Dead during dinner. Ravioli was a bad choice.
The Bosha

Tonight is the season 2 premier of 'The Walking Dead,' which has replaced 'Mad Men' as the series I most relate to on a personal level.
Louis Peitzman

When the zombie apocalypse comes, don't hesitate to leave me for dead. I'm a practical guy: I won't be offended!
Lamont Price

My smoke alarm is going off right as #WalkingDead is getting good. Looks like im burning to death tonight, gang
Morgan Murphy

AMC's slogan should just be, "if you're in an RV, some major shit has gone down in your life." #BreakingBad#WalkingDead
Uncle Pilot

If #TheWalkingDead teaches us anything, it's that we could all use an All-Purpose Utility Redneck.

But NPR coverage of zombies is still so slanted. Why is it so important that they produce a list of demands? IT'S A LEADERLESS MOVEMENT.