The Chutzpah Of Bank of America

Ken AshfordCorporate Greed, Occupy Wall Street1 Comment

(1)  So let me get this straight.  After being bailed out by the federal governmentwith our tax dollars – following their gross incompetence, Bank of America wants to start charging fees for use of debit cards?  That is, they want to make customers pay for accessing their own money? By the way, Bank of America gets to use customers' money to make incompetent investment decisions in the first place (I mean, it's not like your money just sits in a vault).

(2) This is nuts.  From Stephen Foster at Addicting Info:

Two protesters involved with Occupy Santa Cruz in California walked into Bank of America earlier this week to close their own accounts as part of the national protest against the greed and irresponsibility of Wall Street, which has only seen its profits soar since it nearly collapsed the economy back in 2008… Rather than allow their customers to close their accounts, they told them that “you can not be a protester and a customer at the same time.” The bank manager threatened to lock the doors and call the police to have their own customers arrested for the simple act of requesting the closure of their own accounts. The two women left the bank and called the police. The officer went into the bank and after talking to the manager, relayed a message to them. According to the bank manager, “If they came in with the signs and they were part of the protest earlier, then they are protesters and cannot be customers at the same time.”

 I don't have a BofA account, but if I did, I just might close my accounts, too.