Teleprompter Racism

Ken AshfordObama Opposition, RaceLeave a Comment

Oh, there's Aaron again.

Once again, he's bemoaning black unity and calling it "racism" again.  By Aaron's logic, women who want to see a woman as president (like Hillary), or a woman as vice-president (like Sarah) are sexist.  Clearly, like so many white Southern boys, Aaron has a hard time distinguishing pride in ones race, on the one hand, and the sterotyping and hatred of other races, on the other hand.  Just because the Klan made those two concepts synonymous doesn't mean they are synonymous, Aaron.

And not surprisingly, he doesn't see the racial overtones in continuing the myth that Obama's erudition comes from words put in his mouth via the teleprompter, ignoring the fact that his debate skills and interviews demonstrate that he has the innate and genuine verbal skills of the Harvard Law Review editor that he once was.

Pedantic bigotry at its best.