Tea Party-Loving GOP Chair in NH Resigns

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You see, tea party people… it's not enough just to be angry.  You actually have to DO things once you are in a position of power.  This guy found out the hard way.

CONCORD, N.H. – Embattled New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jack Kimball resigned last night, ending a bitter internal battle that pitted Tea Party activists against long-time Republicans.

“I have come to the conclusion that even during a vote if I were to win, and I know the odds are against that, it would be next to impossible for me to fulfill my obligations as chairman moving forward given what’s been against me,’’ Kimball said before the Republican Party’s Executive Committee’s scheduled vote on whether to oust him.

Kimball continued: “Tonight, sadly, very sadly because I’m not sure this is helping our party, I’m not going to become an obstacle in our party. I am tendering my resignation as state committee chairman of New Hampshire.’’


Kimball, a businessman and former Tea Party organizer, ran for governor in 2010 but lost the Republican primary. He was elected party chairman in January, beating a candidate favored by the party establishment.

Since then, Republicans have blamed Kimball for lackluster fund-raising and several special-election defeats.

Kimball fired the party’s executive director and had not yet set a budget for the party. Some activists say Kimball has not reached out to advisers beyond a small cadre of conservatives, though Kimball has said that he has tried to unify the party.

New Hampshire’s leading Republicans – US Representatives Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta, US Senator Kelly Ayotte, state Senate President Peter Bragdon, and state House Speaker William O’Brien – had called on Kimball to resign.

Kimball was far removed from the Judd Greggs and Sununus of the regular GOP (who themselves are pretty far removed from traditional Yankee republicanism).  Oh, well.  Don't let the door….., etc.