The Straw Poll, Etc.

Ken AshfordElection 2012Leave a Comment

In case you hadn't heard, Bachmann won.

Ron Paul pulled a surprising second, and he had twice as many votes as the third-place candidate, Tim Pawlenty.  This was such a disappointing outcome for Pawlenty, that he dropped out of the presidential race.

Mitt Romney did not take part in the straw poll; neither did Texas governor Rick Perry, who announced his candidacy the day before the straw poll.

Which only goes to show that the straw poll is virtually meaningless, unless you do really badly.

Most astute political observers believe there are only three candidates who have the legs for the long run to November 2012: Romney, Perry, and now Bachmann (now described as a 12th seed who made it to the Final Four).  Perry and Bachmann are batshit crazy, and Romney doesn't appeal to the rabid GOP base.  Any way you slice it, it looks good for Obama in 2012.

By the way, Bachmann probably won because she was offering concert tickets:

This is like LCD Soundsystem to Iowa Olds.