The Pro-Bully Agenda: “It DOESN’T Get Better”

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With the clear trend moving in favor of same-sex marriage and acceptance of gay lifestyles, anti-gay groups appear to be getting more desparate.  They seem to have set aside their "family values" tactics and opted instead for outright pro-bullying social stances.  One such group, called MassResistance, seems to be spearheading this effort.  Today, for example, one can read this OneNewsNow “article” by MassResistance’s Brian Camenker, which serves to remind people of the group’s campaign against the “It Gets Better” project:

CAMENKER: The homosexual movement discovered in the early 1990s that they could use this tactic of claiming safety or anti-bullying or anti-suicide to do anything. They’ll scream and holler that if you don’t let them into the schools to give their program, then you favor kids killing themselves.

MassResistance also maintains a page designed to rebut the “It Gets Better” campaign as well as The Trevor Project, which provides suicide prevention resources for young people. Here are the four “big lies” MassResistance worries that these LGBT-affirming resources provide:

“LIE” #1: “You were born that way and can’t change.”
“LIE” #2: “It gets better.”
“LIE” #3: Suicide is caused by hate and intolerance.
“LIE” #4:  Promoting homosexuality as being normal and natural is good for troubled kids.

MassResistance would rather young people get the following messages:

1: Homosexuality is an “addiction,” and “the worldwide ex-gay movement has shown that people can heal and change if they desire.”

2: “It DOESN’T get better,” because “male homosexual behavior takes 20 years off one’s life” and “loneliness and depression are par for the course.”

3: The real reason gay (“gay”) teens contemplate suicide is “because they’re horrified at the disgusting things they’re doing to themselves.”

4: Promoting homosexuality is “psychological trauma” that harms kids “emotionally, psychologically, and certainly medically.”

One hopes that the mainstream media will ignore the outright lies of MassResistance and groups like it, rather than presenting them as serious "other side of the coin" debaters.