Yes, I Know Amy Winehouse Was In My Dead Pool

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From my post dated December 9, 2010:

There IS an actual "Dead Pool" game though.  What you do is pick ten famous people to die in 2011.  If they die, then you take 100 minus their age when they died.  So if someone 75 years old dies, you get 25 points. Someone 98 years old dies? Oh! That's a two pointer.  Person with the highest number on January 1, 2012, wins.

Strategically, I like to pick "younger" people (60-70 year olds) who have been sick lately, mix them in with a few octogenarians (or older) who really should be dead this coming year barring a miracle, and then throw in an Amy Winehouse or a Charlie Sheen (for obvious reasons).

So here's my "competition" dead pool list for 2011:

  1. Zsa Zsa Gabor (born 2/06/1917)
  2. Billy Graham (born 11/7/1918)
  3. Dick Clark (born 11/30/1929)
  4. Al Jarreau (born 3/12/1940)
  5. Dick Cheney (born 1/30/1941)
  6. Aretha Franklin (born 3/25/1942)
  7. Penny Marshall (born 10/15/1942)
  8. Michael Douglas (born 9/25/1944)
  9. Jeff Conaway (born 10/5/1950)
  10. Amy Winehouse (born 9/14/1983)

9 and 10 are dead, and they are relatively young.  In fact, they were the youngest on my list.  Conaway was 50, so I get 50 points for him.  Winehouse was 27, so I get a whopping 73 points for her.

Total: 123.