This Side Of The Tracks

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This is the arrest record from just one local trailer park this past weekend:

Rakem Deshawn Chambers, 23, was charged with driving while impaired. Albert Barron Kimber, 24, and Cyvonne Lachelle Hooper, 26, were charged with being drunk and disruptive and resisting arrest. Dawanna Creed Jackson, 25, was charged with disorderly conduct. Miguel Mendez Oliva, 31, was charged with assault on a female. Amanda Marie Whitaker, 27, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Michael Tony Jackson, 53, Shaun Raymond Clemins, 32, and Gilardo Reyes, 30, were cited for noise violations.

That's Holcomb's Mobile Home Park in Yadkin County, NC, friends.

Oh, yeah. The dog bite victim, LaChelle Kimber, 34, of Advance, was taken to the hospital for treatment, police said. The pit bull dog is currently quarantined by the Yadkin County Animal Control.