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I saw the headline:

Sarah Palin likened to Joan of Arc in two-hour documentary film

and it didn't take long before I read this:

new film commissioned by Palin, the former governor of Alaska, will present her as a Joan of Arc-like figure beset at every turn by vicious leftwing enemies seeking to thwart her ambition of reviving the conservative legacy of Ronald Reagan.

Okay.  You know one way that Sarah Palin is not like Joan of Arc?  I mean, besides the obvious fact that Joan of Arc led the French Army to victory, and Sarah Palin quit halfway into her term as Alaska governor?

Joan of Arc would never have commisioned a two-hour documentary film about herself, boasting how great and misunderstood she is.

UPDATE:  Yglesius weighs in

Nikki Finke says the movie will end up in between 50 and 100 markets, so it’s not just going to be screened for carefully-selected audiences: they’re going to try to make some money on this thing. At one point, Palin was a reliable draw—her memoir, Going Rogue, sold at least 2.7 million copies. But Sarah Palin’s Alaska didn’t get renewed, and her ratings on Fox haven’t been particularly impressive, enough so that the network’s declined to pursue future editions of specials she was supposed to host.

In other words, the movie is a real gamble for Palin: it may not resurrect her political career, and if it fails, it could end up puncturing her entertainment brand too.


Also, she's going on tour.  Oy.