Dear Netflix

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It is so COOL that I can get videos streaming to my TV, for a flat fee per month.

And I get your RSS feed which tells me all the news things you have on "Instant Queue", like Glee (Season 1), Ken Burns' Baseball and The Graduate

I was especially glad to see Spaulding Gray's Swimming to Cambodia on the Instant Queue list, as I hadn't seen it in a while.

But when I tried to view it, the video I got was Sweethearts of the U.S.A., a 1944 film starring Una Merkel.  She was a B-actress at the time — this was one of her rare lead roles.  Una is a defense plant worker who accidentally knocks herself out with a heavy wrench and while out dreams she is blackballed out of the industry by her mean boss, leading her to seek a new career, opening a nightclub for servicemen and plant workers with the aid of her boyfriend — radio comedian Parkyakarkus, a rather incompetent detective.

It was most assuredly NOT Swimming to Cambodia.

Just saying.