Taymor Is Out

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It's official:

The Daily News reports that The Tony Award-winning director "walked away" from "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" before the show shuts down for two to three weeks for major retooling.

"Taymor is out. She's left the building," a source told the Daily News.

There were reports yesterday that Taymor could be leaving the production if she did not want to hire more directorial help.

From the News:

Plans being worked out Tuesday also call for the show's official opening night at the Foxwoods Theatre, scheduled for Tuesday, to be postponed for three months, according to the sources. 

The opening night for the musical, which puts on its 100th preview on Wednesday night, has already been delayed five times.

A spokesperson for the production insisted opening night was still scheduled for March 15, but theNew York Times reports it's more likely that the show will premiere in June. And NY1 notes that this delay means the production won't even be eligible for any Tony's this year.

Had I ever gotten to writing my review of the show, it would have been clear: Julie Taymor was the problem with the show.  So maybe it has a chance after all.