Dumbest Quote About Libya

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I'm not crazy about our intervention in Libya, and I'm among those who think the action is unconstitutional (not that anyone cares anymore about the War Powers Clause — that was dead letter law decades ago).

But this criticism of Obama is just plain stupid.  It comes from Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX):

But then when you find out we're being sent to Libya to use our treasure and American lives there, maybe there's intention to so deplete the military that we're going to need that presidential reserve officer commissioned corps and non-commissioned corps that the president can call up on a moment's notice involuntarily, according to the Obamacare bill.

Video?  You betcha:


I guess what he's saying is…. that President Obama joined a coalition to intervene in Libya so he could deliberately undermine the military, creating the need for a separate, secret presidential army, which President Obama can call up thanks to language contained in the health reform law.

The private presidential army thing is a favorite of right-wing chain mails.  It's totally untrue, tinfoil hat, stuff.  Yet here is a Republican representative, spouting it as true.  Bizarre.

RELATED:  At the White House Press Correspondent's Dinner, Rand Paul (of all people) gets in a nice dig at Fox News:


"There's a big debate over there," he said. "Fox News can't decide, what do they love more, bombing the Middle East or bashing the president? It's like I was over there and there was an anchor going, they were pleading, can't we do both? Can't we bomb the Middle East and bash the president at the same time? How are we going to make this work?"