Let’s Be Clear About Wisconsin

Ken AshfordCorporate GreedLeave a Comment

This is not about balancing the state's budget.

It's about taking advantage of a state's financial woes in order to bust unions.

In any financial crisis, somebody is going to get hurt financially.  Ideally, those who suffer are those who are can absorb the blow the most.  That would be the wealthiest members of society.

But in Wisconsin, the wealthiest members of society have financed the election of Republicans, who now run the state's governship and congress.  So who is getting shafted instead?  The working man.  The union man.

Anytime someone on the left begins to hint at raising taxes on the wealthy, Rush Limbaugh and his ilk cry out "Class warfare!  Class warfare!  The lower and middle classes are attacking the rich!"

Make no bones about it — there IS class warfare, but it is the wealthy attacking the middle and lower classes.  That's what is going on in Wisconsin.  And it's starting in Indiana, too.  And coming to a state near you.

The days of the corporate fat cats are back.

Here's an angry guy: