A Middle Age Man (Me) Reacts To The New Britney Spears Video

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Oh, my.  An asteroid heading toward Earth.  This can't be good.

Whew.  Apparently the asteroid was merely providing power for this video.

They started shooting this video before the backup dancers were dressed.  How embarrassing for them.

One would have thought that Britney could afford a larger stage.

Britney in a wedding dress is defying gravity on the set of American Idiot (the Broadway musical).

I'm sure Groucho would be proud of his one-liner being used in this way.  Britney's next video: "I Once Shot An Elephant in My Pajamas"

Can't tell if this is autotuned or not. (Kidding….)

The folks at dating site plentyoffish.com must be happy.

Lips!  It's Rocky Horror time!

One gets the feeling that Britney didn't really want to dance in this one.  She left all the heavy movement to the backup boys.

Hey, those dudes don't have eyes!  Ewwwww….

Is Britney fighting herself, or Courtney Love?  Not that it matters.  I want both of them to lose.

Multi-color paint spray glove.  I want.

Black leather Britney looks pumped.  She's still phoning in the dancing though.

Multi-colored question mark.  Indeed.