That Was God, My Ass

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As a concept, I'm having a lot of problems with the website That Was God.

The point of the website is for people to enter their "moments when it was CLEAR: that was God".  So you get entries like this one from "Dee":

Today I was driving to the store and a rabbit ran out in front of me. I swerved and almost hit the oncoming traffic head on resulting in an horrific accident. But because we live in Cleveland, we all had good breaks and tires and were able to miraculously stop. twG.

Well, no, Dee.  I don't think that was God at all.  You were lucky.  Luck happens.  And if not lucky, then you were all good drivers who maintained your cars and brakes (which even you seem to acknowledge, Dee).

The whole site is full of things like that.  Coincidence gets passed off as God.  Like this:

It’s been cold lately, really really cold. My stove died over the weekend and I had nothing to eat so I had to venture out into the cold to find some dinner. The closest restaurant to my home is the Sizzler, which isn’t all bad. Lots of food, lots of variety. There are worst things to be sure.

So there I was, freezing in my car, driving down the street when my cell phone rings. It was my mama, calling to tell me how much I’m loved. While fumbling around on the seat looking for my phone, I decided to pull over to answer the phone. Moments later, a car ran a red light in the intersection just ahead of me at exactly the moment I would have been driving through if mama had not called me.

Make what you want of it, but as far as I’m concerned twG.


Or ignorance gets passed off as "clear" proof of God.  Here's this one from april y-h:

We have two homes… Not by choice but rather by bad luck (moved and other one was suppose to be rented then bought but wasn’t)…. Anyway, the power was shut off in old home bc tenant didn’t pay electric bill (or rent) and we can’t afford to have it cut back on. It JUST dawned on us that family could go burn wood in the wood burning fireplace at night to keep pipes from bursting.

When my MIL went to house…. The power was on! I don’t know how or why the power was turned back on it our empty house… But this “beautiful mistake” had to be the work of God…. God kept our pipes from freezing! Praises! twG.

Hmmmm.  Because she didn't know how or why the power was turned back on, it MUST be the CLEAR work of God.  What ELSE could it be?!?  A mistake by the power company?  Maybe someone paid the bill?  No, it's God.

Here's my personal favorite, although I think it might be a practical joke:

in my youth group at church we were going to act out this amazing skit that we had planned out a few months ago. we never did practice that much therefore we got tired and held it off. just today we practiced after church and have only two practices left but we are actually very ahead of schuedule so far… twG.

Right.  There's war, starvation, global warming, pain, hunger, disease, suffering, but what is God doing?  Making sure youth group skits are ahead of schedule.