Texting In The Mall Update

Ken AshfordCourts/LawLeave a Comment

Several days ago, I posted a Youtube video showing a girl who was texting while in a mall, thus toppling into a fountain.

She's now suing the mall:

The video has received more than 1.5 million views since it went viral on YouTube last week. The woman in the video, Cathy Cruz Marrero, doesn't think the video is very funny. She claims she could have gotten seriously hurt and that the security guards should have helped instead of laugh.

"I'm just like dumbfounded. And all I kept saying was, 'I fell. I fell. I fell in the fountain. I fell in the fountain.'"

First of all, the security guards were laughing after the fact.  They were watching a replay.

And more importantly, honey, you got out of the fountain fine… on your own.  Within seconds.  How, exactly, could the security guards have helped you (assuming that they saw you plunge in real time as it happened)?