Palin Responds to Aaron Sorkin

Ken AshfordElection 20121 Comment

So here's the clip…


First of all, it's clear that Palin has never heard of Sorkin.  She can't remember his first name, and (with an assist from the GMA interviewer) chalks him up as a Hollywood producer.  Yes, technically co-produces some of TV shows, but he's mainly known as a writer, and calling him a "movie producer" is like calling Edison a "movie director".

Secondly, Palin scoffs at the "producer" Sorkin because he's from Hollywood where they make movies where guns are pointed at people.  And shooting innocent caribou is better because it's not people.  Yes, there was a LOT of gunplay on "Sports Night", Sarah.

And finally, Palin insinuates that she would never shoot anything for fun or for fashion.  "It's for food", that's why we hunt she insists.

It's too bad that the camera didn't pull back when she said that, because then we would have all seen this:


Yup.  That's a bearskin rug, complete with head.