Not The Same Thing, Sarah

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I've sort of been busy lately, so I haven't followed the Wikileaks things closely.  But if I were to offer a premature uninformed opinion, it would be along the lines of "so what?"

Is it an embarrassment to the U.S.?  Of course.  Is it surprising that we might diss our allies behind their back?  No.  And we know they diss us, too.

Is there any social utility to leaking and publishing this stuff?  Not that I can see.  This isn't the Pentagon Papers, i.e., there's no evidence that the government is covering up something or worse, lying about anything.  It just seems to be about transparency for the sake of transparency, and I don't think every tiny aspect of our government should be transparent.  That includes FBI investigations in progress, war plans, and, yes, diplomatic strategy.

Should the person or person who leaked this be prosecuted?  Absolutely.

But other than that, I'm largely "meh" about the whole thing.

Now some cat's fighting, with an awesome soundtrack.