New Cigarette Packages

Ken AshfordHealth Care2 Comments

Well, that's not very subtle.

Or that.

Okay, wait.  WTF?  I'm not so sure that cigarettes are entirely at fault here.  The mother is exhaling cigarette smoke directly into the child's face!  Call family services somebody.

On the other hand, there needs to be some connection between the harmed child and cigarettes.

Thank you.  I wasn't sure what the word "fatal" meant, but now that I see a toe tag on a corpse….

This might be overkill as well.  I know smokers don't have the greatest mouths in the world, but if you have to exaggerate, then you're losing the PR war.

A flow chart.  Interesting.

I know.  I think everyone knows.

I guess I'm okay with all this, although I do have a little empathy for the libertarians here who think this is government over-reaching.  I mean, if they want us to not smoke, then they should just ban cigarettes.  But they can't do that, so they're trying to scare people into not smoking.  

And while that's fine, I wonder… what's next?  Obese dead corpses on your Big Mac packaging?  I mean, why not?  What's the difference between that and this?