Breakup Season Coming

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You've probably seen this before, but I haven't posted it, so I'm here to fix that.

It's an informal study conducted by two guys at Information is Beautiful.  They basically did Facebook status searches for the phrase "We broke up because…", cataloged them, and plotted them out over a timeline, resulting in this graph:

You will note:

  • A big peak right before Spring Break
  • Most breakups are announced on Mondays
  • People like to start the summer being single
  • A big peak right before Christmas
  • The lowest day throughout the whole year is Christmas Day (because that's just "too cruel")

Anyway, it's that time of year for break-ups.

I should add that this data was compiled in 2008.  Now, Facebook is a young person's medium, and it was even more so in 2008.  So a lot of this data reflects the school year, and may not necessarily pertain to those of us beyond college.