The Ugly Interpretation

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Kevin McCollugh over at is particularly vile when discussing the Tyler Clementi suicide:

The assumptions made on many of these broadcast, print, and web based reports follow the idea that Tyler felt so bullied by the roommate and girlfriend who evilly and immorally taped him, that he had no option but to turn to suicide. This has been quickly adopted as the authoritative version of what happened and the need for psychologically profiling both the bullies who did it and other youths who engage in homosexual behavior.

Of course there are other issues that could be examined. Perhaps Tyler had a genuinely sensitive conscience, perhaps he had great respect for both his family and his God, perhaps he felt ashamed of actions because he knew they were immoral. Hence a completely different narrative could be told, one that encourages young people towards moral choices.

In other words, young Mr. Clementi committed suicide not because his sex act was taped and broadcast, but because he realized that his (gay) sex acts were immoral.

Or, in even shorter words, if Mr. Clementi hadn't sinned, he wouldn't be dead.

So the lesson, I guess, that from this "Christian" is: "Don't be gay, kids.  Or you'll end up jumping off a bridge, too."