Sucks To Be Clarence Thomas

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Imagine what it must be like to be Clarence Thomas right now.

As opposed to 19 years ago.  Nineteen years ago, Anita Hill, an employee of yours, testifies at your Senate confirmation hearings that you would make all kinds of off-color remarks when you were head of the EEOC.  Stuff like public hairs on Coke cans.  And obsession with porno.  Man, that was really uncomfortable…. like a high-tech lynching.

But it's nineteen years later, and now your Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, and you're way past all that crap from the past.  You're on the Supreme Court, man.  There's been an entire generation of people who haven't even heard of Anita Hill.  

And then…. grrrrr….. and then your bone-headed wife calls Anita Hill out of the blue and asks for an apology on an answering machine, and suddenly…. the controversy from nineteen years ago is stirred up again.   Thanks, honey.

And speaking of nineteen years ago…. when Anita Hill accused you of sexual harassment during yourconfirmation hearing, remember how you vehemently denied the allegations, citing your steady relationship with another woman in an effort to deflect Hill's allegations?

Well, that "other woman", whose name is Lillian McEwen, is now breaking her years of silence.

And guess what?  She's saying that Anita Hill was right.  You were a womanizing, sexual harrassing, porno-obsessed dude:

He was always actively watching the women he worked with to see if they could be potential partners," McEwen said matter-of-factly. "It was a hobby of his."


"He was obsessed with porn," she said of Thomas, who is now 63. "He would talk about what he had seen in magazines and films, if there was something worth noting."

McEwen added that she had no problem with Thomas's interests, although she found pornography to be "boring."

According to McEwen, Thomas would also tell her about women he encountered at work. He was partial to women with large breasts, she said. In an instance at work, Thomas was so impressed that he asked one woman her bra size, McEwen recalled him telling her.

So basically, you're Clarence Thomas, and there isn't a single woman (other than your wife, who is always the last to know) who can corroborate that you weren't some skirt-chaser at the EEOC.

And this is coming up nearly two decades later now.

Sucks to be you, Clarence.