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Down the road:

MIDWAY, N.C. (WGHP) – A Davidson County man says he found Jesus Christ in a tree branch.

After his landlord cut up a branch that fell from his tree, Bill Johnson took a closer look and couldn't believe what he saw.

Johnson says the image on the branch appears to be Jesus Christ dressed in a robe and holding out his hand.

"First thing crossed my mind was, 'that's a picture of Jesus'. So I go in and get my wife," said Johnson.

Johnson didn't tell his wife about his religious discovery. Instead, he just showed her the limb of the tree.

"First thing she said was, 'that looks like Jesus'," said Johnson.

Johnson put polyurethane of the branch to preserve the image and believes the discovery was a sign that he needs to return to attending church on Sunday more regularly.


Yes, it looks like Jesus.  It also looks like the head of a duck, like a duck puppet.  And about 100 other things.  

But no.  It's Jesus coming to this guy in the middle of a tree, telling him he needs to go to church more.

PT Barnum lived in the wrong century.