I Voted Early

Ken AshfordElection 2010, Local InterestLeave a Comment

Took five minutes.  In and out.  Easy and kind of fun.

In fact, I might do it again later this week.

Didn't quite vote the straight Democratic ticket.  Left a lot of positions blank.  And if I knew the candidate (a neighbor, or a legal colleague running for the court), I didn't care about political party.

Voted "yes" on the library bond issue, although I think that might lose because people in these parts don't cotton to that edumacation thing, especially if it means higher taxes.

Voted "yes" on the constitutional amendment which will ban ex-felons from being sheriff.  You may ask "WTF?", but seven ex-felons ran for sheriff in various counties throughout North Carolina, so it's an epidemic down here.  You may wonder who would be in favor of ex-felons becoming sheriff, and the answer is the Libertarian Party of North Carolina.  They point out that stealing pine needles is a felony in North Carolina (they are right about that), and ask "do we want to preclude people from being sheriff simply because they stole pine needles?"

And after giving it some thought, I concluded, "Actually, yes.  If you steal anything, pine needles, bicycles, whatever — you probably shouldn't be sheriff."  So I voted "yes" on that one.