A Couple Petty Grievances About The Chilean Miner Rescue, As It Is Happening

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On my phone, I saw the first one being pulled out last night.  Pretty cool, even on a phone.  When I got up this morning, they had ten out, so it all looks pretty good for a completely happy ending.  But I have a few observations:

(1)  They just pulled up miner #12 and I notice there's a little ennui on the surface.  Apparently, the thrill has worn off.  Which kind of sucks for the future to-be-rescued miners.  Will anybody even notice when miner #33 comes out?  Will they all have gone home but for a few stragglers?

(2)  I find it… strange… that some family members choose to video-record their spouse/father emerging from the hole, rather than just watch it in, you know, real life.  It's more of a comment on society and technology — we sometimes gravitate to looking at significant moments through a camera lens, rather that just taking it in the old fashioned way… with our eyes.  Bizarre.

(3)  Jesus Christ, Michelle Malkin will take any opportunity to wave the American flag.  Yes, Michelle, it's all about us.

UPDATE:  From the Onion

Trapped Chilean Miners Considering How Funny It Would Be If They All Died Right As Rescuers Completed Tunnel

COPIAPO, CHILE—With their rescue imminent, the conversation of the 33 miners trapped in the Copiapó copper and gold mine turned to how hilarious it would be if they valiantly endured 68 days trapped underground only to die right when their path to salvation was finished. "Oh man, what if the drill hit a methane pocket above our heads and we all exploded just before they reached us?" Miner Carlos Bugueño Alfaro said as his malnourished comrades struggled to hold back giggles. "Like, right when we’re moments away from getting out? Can you imagine? People would be so freaked out. Or what if we all simultaneously dropped dead right this second from copper toxicity?" This last suggestion reportedly resulted in the miners collapsing into a fit of laughter, which then gave way to a hush as the first pebbles broke loose from the ceiling and the drill penetrated their refuge.