A Modern Day Fable

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A popular guy goes to Washington D.C., where he tells 3 gazillion of his fans who have gathered there the following (and this is an exact quote): 

"I went to the National Archives and I held the first inaugural written in his own hand by George Washington."

You know, George Washington — who could never tell a lie.

Except, as many pointed out, it seems unlikely that the National Archives people would allow someone — anyone — to hold such a fragile (and historical) document.  Could it be that the popular guy was… well, not telling the truth?

Turns out, the popular guy was indeed lying.  He even admitted it later.

Now, this might be a nothing story except that the popular guy was speaking in Washington D.C. at an event he created, the point of which was how we can restore this country's honor by (wait for it) telling the truth!

Looks like "Restoring Honor" is off to a rough start, hmmmm?