Truth Gets Its Boots On

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The Associated Press sent out a memo today to its writers and editors advising that they should no longer use the phrase "Ground Zero mosque" to describe the controversial Islamic cultural center and former Burlington Coat Center store, located in lower Manhattan two blocks (and out of view) from Ground Zero.

While I applaud the Associated Press for its stance, this would have been even more helpful a few weeks ago, before so many Americans became enraged by a proposal that doesn't exist and got fed a steady stream of misinformation.

Actually, even calling it just a "mosque" is a misnomer.  It's a cultural center.  It has a "prayer room" in it, but that isn't a mosque.

By the way, you know what else has a "prayer room" where Muslims go and pray every single day?  The Pentagon.

It's not like the Pentagon was attacked on 9/11 and people died there, right?