Tea Party Follies

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So Andrew Breitbart, the rightwinger who released the edited Shirley Sherrod video in order to paint her as "racist", came up with a great idea to show that he and the Tea Party movement isn't racist.

He held a Uni-Tea rally in Philadelphia over the weekend to highlight how diverse the Tea Party is, lining up some black speakers to rally the "diverse" Tea Party crowd.  He found 10 non-white speakers (out of 18 who spoke).

Unfortunately, numerous media outlets reported that the event attracted few people (only 300 or so)…. and only a “handful” of minorities. And so the message was apparently changed from "we are diverse" to "we don't have to be diverse", as TPM reports:

Among those who did make it, for most of the time the numbers of non-white faces could be counted on two hands, and maybe a foot. […]

David Webb, an African American top official with Tea Party Federation and the man who shamed Mark Williams and the Tea Party Express for being racist a couple weeks ago, emceed the event and told the tea party crowd that it didn’t matter if only a few minorities joined the cause.

I didn’t realize that any movement everywhere had a minimum daily requirement of black people to be legitimate,” he said.

Hey, if life gives you lemons….

But the event's organizers were happy:

"I hope it has taken away any idea that the tea party is racist," Terry Adams of the Independence Hall Tea Party, a co-sponsor of the event, said. "The crowd today was more diverse than I've seen at a tea party rally."

"It's a start," she said.


Um…. I suppose so.