My Predictions For Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally & Circus In DC This Weekend

Ken AshfordTea Party1 Comment

Beck (1)  Fox News will cover it wall-to-wall.

(2)  You won't see a lot of non-white faces there in the crowd.  I should note that the Tea Party groups going to the event are giving out "advice" about how to deal with the multi-cultural DC residents, as evidenced by this, from the website of a Tea Party group in Maine:

Safety and Mores

DC's population includes refugees from every country, as the families of embassy staffs of third world countries tend to stay in DC whenever a revolution in their homeland means that anyone in their family would be in danger if they went back. Most taxi drivers and many waiters/waitresses (especially in local coffee shops like the Bread and Chocolate chain) are immigrants, frequently from east Africa or Arab countries. As a rule, African immigrants do not like for you to assume they are African Americans and especially do not like for you to guess they are from a neighboring country (e.g. Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia) with whom they may have political or military tensions. It's rare to meet anyone who gets really offended, but you can still be aware of the issue.


Many parts of DC are safe beyond the areas I will list here, but why chance it if you don't know where you are?


(3) Because it will take place at the Lincoln Memorial, on the anniversary of MLK's March on Washington, both Lincoln and MLK's name will be evoked often from the podium.  The crowd will react with a tepid response.

(4)  Many of the attendees will use the socialist Washington DC Transit system to get around, completely incognizant of the irony.

(5)  Honor will definitely NOT be restored.

UPDATE: By the way, Beck isn't being very humble about this:

Beck: I think this is an opportunity to gather God's people together and wake people up. And I just have this feeling that this is the beginning of something gigantic in this country, that it is spiritual awakening.

What's going to happen there will raise the hair on your arms. What;s going to happen there you will never, ever forget and I promise you, then next day when you read about it – if the press covers it – you will say "oh my gosh, I wish I would have been there." This will go into the history book.

This is Divine Providence. This is the Lord's hand at work. This is a miracle.