How To Get A Soldout House

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Wow.  The Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts in Jacksonville?  That's a 3,000 seat venue.  And she's packing the place, I assume… wait, what?  (Hold on please…..)


I see.  Ahem.

Slow ticket sales have bumped Sarah Palin's appearance next week in Jacksonville to a smaller venue.

"An Evening of Hope with Sarah Palin" was moved from the 2,936-seat Moran Theatre to the 609-seat Terry Theatre…..

Mark Nelson, Florida director for Heroic Media, said the event was moved to the Terry Theatre because there weren't enough tickets sold to hold it in the larger Moran.

"We would rather have a packed theater than a theater that's not so packed," Nelson said.

Sure.  Makes sense.

By the way, Palin's endorsements?  Not necessarily a good thing.  She's 2-for-8 so far this primary season.