About Elizabeth Warren

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Elizabeth-warren  You may have seen her on The Daily Show or Real Time with Bill Maher or the Sunday chat shows already.  If you have, you know that Elizabeth Warren is a force to be reckoned with.  She's not a ballbuster — that's not what makes her a strong force — she's just extremely smart and competent.  (I had her as a bankruptcy professor at NYU when she was a visiting professor).

She's going to be an important part of your life for a while, assuming she gets appointed to be the head of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, a newly-created federal agency designed to prevent future happenings of the financial shenanigans that lead to our recent economic downfall.  Well-suited for the job, you ask?  Dude, the woman was born for the job.

There's a concerted effort by conservatives to paint her as dangerous and/or incompetent.  But that's because she will do her job protecting consumers, and that is something that Republican backers — the high-money interests on Wall Street — don't want.

Anyway, if you don't know anything about Elizabeth Warren, the Washington Post has an excellent profile today.