Palin Tweets Again (and Again) About Downtown Manhattan Mosque

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The controversy, for those unaware, centers around the proposed building of a mosque "at Ground Zero".  This has sent conservatives into an apoplectic fit.

It doesn't seem to matter that the mosque is to be built three city blocks from Ground Zero, and not at Ground Zero.

It doesn't seem to matter that the mosque is really more than just a mosque.  Called the "Cordoba House", it's intended to be an Islamic cultural center which would include "a prayer space, a performing arts center, a swimming pool, and other amenities." 

It doesn't seem to matter that the project was spearheaded by a longtime local imam, who's committed to fighting radicalism, and considers the building a monument to tolerance and respect. 

It doesn't seem to matter that the project was endorsed overwhelmingly by a local community board.

All that seems to matter is that Islamic people are going to be near Ground Zero, which apparently opens up a wound for conservatives. The far-right Washington Times argued a Muslim community center may represent "an attempt to hijack the memory of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks," a sentiment endorsed by Liz Cheney's right-wing activist group. A far-right radio host told listeners he hoped "somebody blows it up" if the Cordoba House is built. 

So Palin got into it this past weekend via Twitter, her favorite medium (because there are no follow-up questions).

It started with this tweet:

First of all, Palin apparently thinks "refudiate" is an actual word (it's not the first time she's used it, so she can't blame it on a typo).

Secondly, why is she calling on "mosque supporters" and "peaceful Muslims" to, uh, refudiate the mosque?  And just why would a mosque at Ground Zero (or near there) stab the heart of mosque supporters?

Apparently, Sarah was dipping into the moose juice.  But not deep enough, for she soon realized her mistakes — she erased the above tweet, and tweeted something anew:

Now Sarah is addressing "New Yorkers" imploring them to refute the mosque plans.  

Of course, it was primarily New Yorkers who actually lost friends and family on the Twin Towers attacks.  But it was nice of Sarah to tell them how much pain they should be feeling over the mosque plan.

Maybe Sarah realized that telling New Yorkers how they should feel about the mosque was a little — oh — arrogant?

So then came attempt number three:

She's now addressing the "peace-seeking Muslims" again.  

You see, she understands that not all Muslims are evil.  She wants you to know that.

But why can't the good Muslims just understand that their presence opens up wounds?  I mean, can't they just disappear, like the good peace-seeking Muslims that they are?  That's the truly offensive subtext to this third Tweet.

The truth is: if Palin and people like her were truly interested in healing, they would not have a problem with peace-seeking Muslims at Ground Zero or anywhere else.  In fact, they would promote it.  Healing comes when those affected by 9/11 (and by the way, it wasn't just Christians) can make a real distinction between Islamic fundamentalists, as opposed to those who merely worship the Islamic faith.

Anyway, for those who noticed Sarah's boner in her first tweet regarding "refudiate", Sarah had one more tweet:

You see?  You thought she was stupid.  She's not!  She's Shakespeare!!!