Are Republicans Really For “Smaller Government”, Or Just Tax Breaks For The Rich?

Ken AshfordEconomy & Jobs & Deficit, Republicans1 Comment

On Fox News Sunday, Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) let the cat out of the bag.  In arguing to continue the Bush tax cuts (tax cuts which primarily go to those making over $275,000 per year), Kyl refused to comment on how those tax cuts would be paid for.  Those tax cuts would be mean $678 billion less to make up the deficit.

Keep in mind, Kyl and the other Republicans voted last week not to extend $30 billion in unemployment benefits to people out of work.  Their reason?  "We can't add to the deficit."  So the question becomes, if the deficit is so bad that we can't extend $30 billion to people who are out of work, how can we afford to extend $678 billion in tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans?

Kyl's comments reflect what many progressives believe is at the heart of the GOP: they are not concerned about the deficit, nor about smaller government (would a typical Republican be in favor of drastic cuts to military spending?  I think not).  No, what seems to be at the heart of the GOP philosophy is tax cuts, primarily for the wealthy.  Everything else, including Medicare, Social Security, or support for the unemployed…. be damned.