Too Hot For The Bank

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Busy day today, and much going on in the world, but I choose to write about (well, point to) this:


This is Debrahlee Lorenzana who was fired from Citibank in Midtown Manhattan for (according to her lawsuit) being too hot:

Her bosses told her they couldn't concentrate on their work because her appearance was too distracting. They ordered her to stop wearing turtlenecks. She was also forbidden to wear pencil skirts, three-inch heels, or fitted business suits. Lorenzana, a 33-year-old single mom, pointed out female colleagues whose clothing was far more revealing than hers: "They said their body shapes were different from mine, and I drew too much attention," she says.

As Lorenzana's lawsuit puts it, her bosses told her that "as a result of the shape of her figure, such clothes were purportedly 'too distracting' for her male colleagues and supervisors to bear."

"Men are kind of drawn to her," says Tanisha Ritter, a friend and former colleague who also works as a banker and praises Lorenzana's work habits. "I've seen men turn into complete idiots around her. But it's not her fault that they act this way, and it shouldn't be her problem."

For its part, Citibank asserts that she was fired for poor performance, although they're really not asserting much since the case is in arbitration.

But if her allegations are true, it's sexual discrimination of a unique kind. Read the full story.

(And for the record, her attorney insists that the picture above is not representative of what she wore to work.  But as other photos show, she still looked pretty fetching, even in a business suit).