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I received an urgent "action alert" email this morning from the Parent's Television Council:

MTV Assaults Families With Nonstop Profanity on Movie Awards Show!

On Sunday night, June 6th, the MTV cable network shattered all previous records for profanity on its telecast of the MTV Movie Awards. This program was shown starting at 9:00 p.m. ET — only 8:00 p.m. in the Central and Mountain time zones — and forced every cable and satellite subscriber to pay for levels of profanity so shocking they are almost unbelievable — over 100 profanities were used in 122 minutes!  

To read the dialogue from this program, click here.

The use of f-bombs was so prolific that censors couldn't keep up, even with a five-second delay. Many f- and s-words were audible during the show's East Coast broadcast. And many, many more were bleeped, but were still partially audible and obvious from context.

Some may say that TV shows like The Sopranos use comparable levels of profanity; but MTV is not HBO or Showtime. Programming on those channels is intended for adults; MTV is pitched at teenagers and children. Furthermore, premium networks must be specifically purchased separately. MTV is a part of every basic package — meaning that every cable subscriber is forced to receive and pay for it. It is estimated that approximately 80 cents out of every American's cable/satellite bill goes to MTV each and every month. That adds up to almost one billion dollars every year going to fund MTV's profane and sexually explicit content.

The MTV Movie Awards' content goes far beyond a few accidental slips of the tongue. MTV deliberately encouraged the incessant use of this language; deliberately refused to remove it from the broadcast; and the fact that the show was rated TV-14 demonstrates that it was deliberately targeted at children. Every year the MTV Movie Awards grow more explicit — and that is clearly by design. One need look no further than the name of the awards being given: “Best WTF Moment” (“wtf” is text-message slang for “what the f***”) and “Best Scared as S*** Moment” are names of two of the awards given out.

This programming was clearly intended for children. Movies like Harry Potter and Twilight, both wildly popular with younger teens and kids, were nominated for awards; and among the presenters were young stars like 11-year-old Jaden Smith, set to star in the upcoming movie The Karate Kid, and Miranda Cosgrove, from Nickelodeon's hit kid's program iCarly. Thousands if not millions of young children were watching this program, aired during the Family Hour on Sunday night.

Predictably, MTV has now "apologized" for any objectionable words that "might have slipped by." but this "apology" is worse than useless — it is a cynical lie.

MTV is engaged in nothing less than a determined and deliberate campaign to make the most blatant and offensive profanity normal, even acceptable, to children. And they are forcing every cable and satellite subscriber in America to help them — whether subscribers want to or not.

If you're sick of being FORCED to help MTV deliberately corrupt your children, you can TAKE ACTION NOW!

To DEMAND that your representatives in Congress pass a Cable Choice law, allowing you to pay for only the channels you watch, click here.

Or…. there's are buttons on the remote that allows one to change the channel, or turn the TV off altogether.  Also, V-chips (something passed by Congress to address this kind of complaint).

But you have to ask yourself…. does anyone believe that any member of the Parent's Television Council watches MTV anyway?

P.S.  How many times can they use the word "deliberately"?