The Next Bieber

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I first saw this video late last week, and it's gone waaaay viral by now.  The talented kid here (performing Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi") has gone from regular school kid to an appearance on "Ellen", and you can be sure there'll be more from him.

The video is from April 12.  The kid, whose name is Grayson Chance, is performing at the Cheyenne Middle School recital.  He's in sixth grade.

Normally, I wouldn't post the video but, it's Friday.  Plus, having seen it a few times, what charms me about it isn't the kid — or his undeniable talent.  It's the sixth grade girls in the background falling in love.  A lot of lip-licking and face-touching.  You can almost hear the hearts breaking.  Cracks me up.