Question Of The Day

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So…. why are small-government conservatives — you know, the ones who are always complaining that the federal government is inherently inept — so quick to complain that federal government didn't move, and isn't moving, fast enough on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill?

You can't please these people:

  • They didn't want the kind of government regulation that would have prevented such a spill in the first place (the oil industry successfully stopped legislation that would have required a "dead man" switch that would have automatically shut down the well)
  • They don't want the government engaging in "bailouts" of major industries
  • They think the government should come to the aid when an industry gets itself in trouble.

Makes no sense.

This was a man-made accident which was preventable if only regulators had done their job and required oil wells to have a dead man switch.  Yes, that kind of regulation would have cost more money to oil companies, and even more money to the government to oversee.

But in the end, the government will have to clean this us (as it should), and that costs even MORE money.

An ounce of prevention…. etc.

When are you Red Staters going to wake up and figure out that government isn't the enemy, but rather, government is protecting you and your famlies from coal mine owners and reckless oil companies destroying your fishing and tourism?