Only In Alabama

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In the Republican primaries for Alabama governor, the top Republican candidates are having a battle to show voters who is the more bonafide creationist.

It all started with this attack ad:

Ironically, the group behind that ad is called the True Conservative PAC, a political group that gets most of its money from the teachers' union — or, more accurately, from a collection of other PACs heavily funded by the union.

Yup.  Teachers are abetting an attack which calls out a candidate for being soft on creationism.

The subject of the ad, candidate Bradley Byrne, responded with common sense, noting that 2000 years of science necessarily renders parts of the Bible as something other than literal truth.

No, just kidding.  Byrne actually responded with a lengthy press release vehemently defending his belief in creationism and the infallible truth of the Bible:

"As a Christian and as a public servant, I have never wavered in my belief that this world and everything in it is a masterpiece created by the hands of God… As a member of the Alabama Board of Education, the record clearly shows that I fought to ensure the teaching of creationism in our school text books. Those who attack me have distorted, twisted and misrepresented my comments and are spewing utter lies to the people of this state."

This is insane, especially in the 21st century.