Libertarian Ad Doesn’t Work

Ken AshfordCorporate Greed, Obama Opposition, YoutubeLeave a Comment

This ad is supposed to make you think that we're over-regulated as a society, but judging by the comments on YouTube, it actually makes you realize how important government regulation is and how much we take it for granted.

All you need to do is change the tone of the background music, and the snarky nonsensical questions at the bottom, and this exact same video would be a pretty good advertisement for your federal tax dollars at work for you. Starting with, when you turn on your radio, and hear only one station at each frequency, instead of an unintelligible jumble of stations trying to drown each other out, yep, that’s the FCC, just as the arrowed caption says. And so on throughout the video.

It's like what I do when I run across a person who thinks government over-regulates and should stay out of business decisions.  I always ask: "You think so?  Tell me, how much rat feces do you like in your hot dogs?"