Glenn Beck Show Death Watch?

Ken AshfordRight Wing Punditry/Idiocy1 Comment

Due to a grassroots campaign, 123 sponsors have refused to air ads on Glenn Beck's show on Fox "News" (a detailed list of declining sponsors is here). 

The boycott is even more effective in England, where Beck's program also airs.  In England, Beck's show has been running for almost 3 months with no advertising sponsors.

Back in the U.S., Beck's audience share has taken a nasty hit — a drop of ratings 30% since the start of the year.

And now, shareholders of NewsCorp and financial analysts are putting NewsCorp CEO Rupert Murdoch on the defensive, asking him how long Fox News can continue to "subsidize" Glenn Beck's show.  The show, analysts claimed, is full of "house ads" (ads for other Fox shows), which means that Beck's show simply isn't bringing in revenue, which hurts the bottom dollar of NewsCorp (Fox New's corporate owner).

Ah, the free market.  Capitalism.  That's what's going to kill of Glenn Beck's show in the end.

That's how I like my irony.