This Ruins Sandra Bullock For Me

Ken AshfordPopular Culture1 Comment

Pardon my foray into celebrity gossip, but this is truly disturbing, if true:

As Jesse James leaves rehab and Sandra Bullock prepares divorce papers, disturbing details about a sex tape the couple reportedly made are coming out. The James-Bullock video supposedly features James “sporting a Hitler mustache and a swastika” during anal sex, Ian Halperin writes on Ian Undercover. For the full story, which gets decidedly more disgusting than that little tidbit—don’t read while eating!—click here.

Be forewarned about clicking through.  The Hitler mustache and swastika doesn't even begin to cover it.  And it'll totally tarnish your image of Sandra.

So I choose not to believe it.  In fact, since the source of this supposed sex tape gossip is likely to be Jesse James himself, let's file this under "Won't believe it until the supposed video is made public".

And if it doesn't exist and James is indeed making these false allegations, Sandra (who has quickly denied the tape) should sue him for all he is worth.