Third Time A Charm? Don’t Bet On It

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As I am writing this, the Senate is voting on financial reform legislation.  This is the third time in three or four days that the Senate has held this vote, and each time, the Republicans have universally voted "no".

Important to understand, however, is what the Senate is actually voting on.  They are voting on merely whether to have a debate on financial reform legislation.  That is what Republicans are saying "no" to.  A debate — not an actual bill, but a debate about whether to have a bill and what it should contain.

I'll update this post if I hear what the results are, but I am guessing the Republicans will — again — vote "no".

UPDATE:  yes, it's a no.

UPDATE #2:  The Senate Dems are going to try again this evening.  Ezra Klein notes that the Democratic leadership is considering a new procedural approach, which I call the "Kentucky Derby" ploy:

Word is that the Democrats might make the Republicans actually filibuster FinReg tonight. That is to say, stand on the floor and talk and talk and talk. And if the Democrats are serious about forcing the Republicans to really filibuster the bill, this is the right week for it: The Kentucky Derby starts Friday, and Kentucky's senior senator, Mitch McConnell, would surely prefer to attend. Given that his members are already talking about breaking ranks, McConnell may find himself eager to get this kabuki dance over with a little bit early.

UPDATE #3:  GOP caves.