Tax Day Tea Party Day

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Tomorrow is April 15, which is Tax Day, but also the day when the teabaggers load their misspelled signs and fat asses into rusty Ford pickups, and congregate with other teabaggers to denounce the black secret Muslim who stole the presidency by lying about his birthplace as part of a grand scheme to turn this country into a socialist and/or marxist and/or fascist utopia. 

All the cable networks will cover the festivities, and Fox News, of course, will do all but sponsor it in their unique "fair and balanced" way.  (Topic: "Does Obama merely suck, or does he hugely suck?  Experts disagree")

Speakers at these rallies will tell people that the Bush tax cuts are going to disappear, and the unwashed masses will hold their corndogs between their teeth so that can applaud and boo appropriately, totally ignorant of the fact that the Bush tax cuts primarily went to the wealthy and not to them.  (The truth is that 98 percent of Americans are getting a tax cut this year thanks to Democratic legislation opposed by every single Republican. The teabaggers will still be upset, of course, since this is somehow more evidence of "socialism". They are distraught that the richest 2 percent aren't getting their taxes cut as well.)

Palin will be deified, with calls for her to run to President, noting that she deserves the position because she's not educated about the issues, unlike all the elitist smartypants in D.C. who don't speak common sense, yabetcha, and who, let's face it, aren't as gosh-darn cute as Palin.

For all appearances, it will look as if prizes are to be awarded for clever use of the president's name.  "Nobama", "Obamacare" that sort of thing.  Rest assured, however, there will not be one single clever use of the president's name.

Locally, the big event will be at Wake Forest University on Davis Field beginning at 5:30pm, if you're a Winston-Salem person.  Or, at the same time, at Governmental Plaza, Downtown Greensboro, if you're a Greensboro person.

It'll be a real barnburner, kind of like this video last year when a bunch of (very very white) teabaggers in Raleigh gave the what-for to Obama's passing motorcade:

Withering.  It's hard to believe that Obama bounced back from such merciless criticism.

If you can't attend a local event, you can help the cause by buying a T-shirt here.  The T-shirt contains this logo on the front:


and this one on the back:


 In other words, you can always get a T-shirt with a lot of snakes on them.  Because that's what the Founding Fathers would have wanted you to do.

P.S.  If you really want to have fun and/or get killed, distribute this.