Hallucinogenic Man Finds Lost Girl

Ken AshfordGodstuff1 Comment

We've heard it before.  A girl goes missing.  An Amber Alert is sent out.  So many times — sometimes months or years later — it ends with a body somewhere.  We all know how it typically goes.

This story had a happy ending.  The missing girl, Nadia Bloom (age 11), a Florida native with slight autism, was found.  So, you know, that's good.

But the news story drives me nuts:

New York (CNN) — The man who rescued an 11-year-old girl lost in a dense Florida swamp said Wednesday that God led him directly to her, and that finding her was no surprise.

James King said he set out on his own to look for Nadia Bloom on Tuesday, trusting that he was going in the right direction even when that meant through water or dense brush.

"I was expecting to hear her voice," King told CNN. "So I'm yelling, 'Nadia!' and at one point, I yell, 'Nadia!' and I hear 'What?' And I said that way — right there."


"I see it as an answer to a lot of people's prayer," King told CNN. "I'm just very thankful, I'm thankful that God used me as a part of it to be able to find her. It's definitely a miracle.

"I didn't know where she was. The only person who knew where she was was God, and I asked him, and he led me directly to her, straight — well, as straight as you can go through the swamp."

King said he prayed the whole time he was searching, even when it seemed like he was going in the wrong direction. In one case, he said, there was water all around and he didn't know where to go.

"He said, 'Go that way.' And I'm looking at water. I said, 'Lord, are you sure?' He said. 'I got ya.' And as soon as I start walking, the ground under the water is solid. It's only about a foot and a half deep. He took care of me all the way there."

It opens up a bunch of questions:

(1)  Where was God when Nadia got herself lost, and couldn't He have guided her out of the woods?

(2)  "I got ya"?  Really?  Is that how God speaks?

(3)  I realize that God can be everywhere at everytime, but why this guy and this girl and this incident?  Why doesn't He answer the prayers of, well, most everybody else?

The story notes:

Authorities questioned King after they got to safety, something King said was "unexpected" but understandable, especially given his ability to find Nadia so quickly.

Yeah.  I'll bet the authorities questioned him.

I have a feeling this story isn't over yet.