Breaking: Justice John Paul Stevens To Retire

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The oldest member of the Supreme Court, and the head of the liberal bloc just announced, as many thought he would, his retirement.  He's 90 years old, and has been with the Supreme for almost 35 years.

And here we go again.  Next thing you know Obama is going to stomp on the Constitution by taking it upon himself to pick Justice Stevens' replacement.  His replacement (and GOP efforts to block it) will be the dominating story for the next few months. As recently as five days ago, Senate GOP leaders were already openly speculating about filibustering the president's unnamed nominee.

I would like to see Elena Kagen or Diane Wood replace him.  Well, actually, Larry Tribe would be the best, but that ain't gonna happen.

UPDATE:  The NRO has already voiced open opposition to Obama's Supreme Court nominee… without even knowing who it is.