Arizona To Feds: Help Enforce Our Own Draconian Law

Ken AshfordImmigration and XenophobiaLeave a Comment

This is pretty ballsy:

The Arizona agency tasked with training 15,000 law officers to enforce the state's controversial new illegal immigration law has asked federal authorities for assistance, but administration officials say it is unclear whether the government will help.

Lyle Mann, executive director of the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board, says federal assistance is "critical" to what he describes as an unprecedented effort to prepare officers as soon as this summer to enforce the law, which gives local police authority to identify and arrest illegal immigrants.

The request was made to the United States Department of Homeland Security's division of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Frankly, the response should come from the U.S Civil Rights Division, warning Arizona's task force about the consequences of engaging in civil rights violations.  As for the Department of Homeland Security, they shouldn't spend a dime on this.  Maybe the cost of a stamp for return postage, containing a letter saying "Dear Arizona, Bite me."