Anything Obama Does Is Wrong

Ken AshfordRepublicansLeave a Comment

I've been trying to wrap my head around the strong Republican criticism of Obama's pact with the Russia to reduce each country's nuclear missiles by one-third.  The United States alone has the nuclear power to destroy the world 20 times over; with the reduction, it will have the capability to destroy the world 12 times over.  How exactly does this make America weak? 

More to the point, the Republican party deifies Reagan.  Yet when it came to reducing or even eliminating the world's nuclear arsenals, Reagan was all over that.  Reagan would have loved this New START program of Obama's.

But Republicans hate it.

And I am more convinced that the Republicans don't have any policy of their own, in this or any other area.  They truly have no ideas.  They're mindset is simply: "If Obama and the Democrats do it, it must be bad, and we will fight it".  Obama decides to open up American shorelines for oil drilling, the GOP opposes it.  He allows hundguns to be carried in National Parks, and the gun-toters STILL think he is trying to take away their guns.

The GOP reminds me of the Monty Python sketch which draws the distinction between making an argument for something vs. knee-jerk contradiction.  It has become a party without arguments.  It had become, truly, a close-minded party of "NO".

UPDATE:  The NRO has already voiced open opposition to Obama's Supreme Court nominee… without even knowing who it is.