The Republican Party: The Party of Fiscal Conservatism?

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Not if one looks at the expense reports of Michael Steele, Chairman of the RNC:

Tooling around in charter planes and limos.  Nice.  The Republicans do that.  The Democrats don't.  The article continues:

Wait, what?  Let me read that again…

The Republican Party: the party of "family values"?

UPDATE:  The RNC is pushing back, asserting that the money spent at the sex club was for "meals" (oh, is that what they call it nowadays?) and that Michael Steele did not run up that particular bill.  Instead, the RNC says, it was an expense from a consultant: Erik Brown, president of the Orange County-based Dynamic Marketing, Inc.

Assuming the RNC response is true, I think it misses the point.  Flesh-and-blood Americans donate to the RNC to get their candidates elected, and those people might rightfully ask why their hard-earned donations are being used to reimburse the expense for a wild night (nights?) of sexual frolics enjoyed by RNC consultants.  If the Republican Party can't mind its own store, how can it be trusted to run the country's coffers?

UPDATE:  The GOP is pushing back again, with the lame argument that the DNC spent money on…. hotels and catering.  Uh, why, yes.  but private planes?  Bondaged-themed nightclubs?  No.  Give it up, GOP.